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Dear Business Owner,

Driving traffic to your websites and sales letters can be tough…

So whatever product or service you’re looking to sell, you need to make sure that your sales letter copywriter knows EXACTLY what’s required to convert as many of those visitors into customers as possible, and maximize your profits in the process.

And here at Red Hot Sales Letters, that’s precisely what you’re getting! Click Here For A Free, No-Obligation Quote!

In fact, whether it’s an e-book, software tool, video training package, membership site, workshop, seminar, or anything else that you’re looking to sell, you can be absolutely certain that you’ve come to the right place…

And that’s because at Red Hot Sales Letters, we know exactly what it takes to convert “window-shopping” visitors into long-term, repeat customers, who will happily stuff your pockets full of cash for many years to come!

So why not take a look at our range of sales letter copywriting services, and let us help you transform your online business into a genuine, bona fide cash machine!

Here’s just a small selection of the sales letters we’ve produced for our clients. (If you’d like to see any actual samples of our sales letter copywriting, please contact us and we’ll happily send some over!)


High-Converting Sales Copywriting,
Whenever You Need It…

Whether you’re after a long-form sales letter, a 1-page piece of direct mail, a video script for your next product launch, or anything else for that matter, our experienced sales letter writing team are here to help. When you hire us to write your next sales letter, you can be sure to receive the highest quality copy, at a price you can afford.

Just imagine how a professional salesletter copywriter will transform your business…

  • NO MORE powder-puff copy that fails to deliver…
  • NO MORE of your hard-earned traffic leaving your site in seconds…
  • NO MORE wasted time and money on sub-standard copywriters…
  • NO MORE of your direct mail letters ending up in the garbage…

Just first-rate, high-converting sales letters that get results, every time!

Here’s what one of our clients had to say about our sales letter copywriting…

“A Top Company & Very Easy To Work With”

Kasper V. Christensen"I hired Red Hot Sales Letters to write my two sales letters in the fitness niche: one for training and one for nutrition. From the material I sent to them they wrote two initial drafts that were almost spot on.

I was highly impressed with their ability to analyze my approach to fitness and write the sales copy to match this. I have found them to be a top company and very easy to work with. If you want quality copy I highly recommend them to do the job.”

Kasper V.

Sales Copywriting
That Sparkles & Shines…

Here at Red Hot Sales Letters, we’ve been writing scintillating, order-grabbing copy for years, and we know exactly what it takes to captivate your readers so that they’re pulling out their credit cards in a frenzy of excitement, desperate to get their hands on YOUR product.

So why not contact the Red Hot Sales Letters team today, and let us turn your next product into a money-making monster?!

Not sure?

Then take a look at this…

8 Reasons
Why Outsourcing Your Sales Letter
Copywriting To Us Will Benefit YOU

No Job Is Too Big Or Too Small No Job Is Too Big Or Too Small

Here at Red Hot Sales Letters, we’re happy to handle any size of project, from one promotional email, to a complete front-end and back-end package consisting of sales letter, squeeze page, email promotions, upsells, and even design! As the saying goes, no job is too big or too small, so whatever it is you need, just let us know and we’ll take care of it.

It Frees You Up To Build Your BusinessIt Frees You Up To Build Your Business

Many companies try to take on the sales copywriting tasks themselves, only to end up with unimaginative and poorly written copy that fails to pull in the orders. Not everyone can write order-grabbing sales copy, so why not let a professional sales letter writer handle it for you? You’ll get far better results, and it will allow you to get on with what you’re good at – building your business!

Crystal Clear PricesCrystal Clear Prices

Unlike many sales copywriters who charge by the hour (a system that can be open to abuse) we will provide you with a fixed quote for every project, so you know EXACTLY what you’re spending. All you need to do is tell us what you want, send us the brief, and we’ll give you a fixed price. It’s that simple. And unless you change the brief in any major way, that price will not change.

You’ll Get A Great ROI You’ll Get A Great ROI

With years of experience writing powerful, profit-pulling sales copy for online and offline businesses all over the world, we know what it takes to turn your product into an instant money-spinner. As a result, when it comes to your bottom line, what you get out will be a heck of a lot more than what you put in!

Peace Of MindPeace Of Mind

When you outsource your sales copywriting to any company, you need to have complete faith in their ability to get the job done on time, and to the highest possible standards. You certainly don’t want to be worrying about whether or not they’re capable of doing what you asked! With Red Hot Sales Letters, you can rest assured that we will research your niche and your product extensively and provide you with a final product that you’ll be truly proud to call your own.

We Truly Are The Sales Copywriting Experts We Truly Are The Sales Copywriting Experts

A lot of sales letter copywriters out there claim to be the best in the business. But can they prove it? At Red Hot Sales Letters, we can! We’ve written for many of the biggest names in the internet marketing world, including Simon Coulson, Alex Goad, Ewen Chia, Kevin Wilke, Bryan McConnahea, Mark Anastasi, Jo Han Mok, Neil Stafford, Brian G Johnson, Alex Jeffreys, and many more besides! And they keep coming back to us for a reason…

We Can Handle The Sales Copywriting & Design!We Can Handle The Sales Copywriting & Design!

We work with a number of top-class web designers and developers, so should you require your sales letter writing and design done at the same time, all under one roof, then we’d be only too happy to help. Allowing one company to handle your entire project can save you a lot of money and time, and avoids the potential for confusion and delays that inevitably come when outsourcing different jobs to different companies.

100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED! 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

We’re not interested in taking your money, sending you some half-hearted copy, and then moving onto the next client. That’s NOT how we work. Our aim is to build long-term working relationships with all of our clients, so that we can both benefit for years to come. So our guarantee is simple: we will make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with the sales copy writing we deliver, before you make the final payment. And if you’re not, we’ll keep working until you are. That’s right…

We Won’t Stop Writing
Until You’ve Got What You Want!

Now, not many direct response copywriters out there offer this kind of guarantee, and you really need to ask yourself why!

Do they not want satisfied clients?

Do they not want to do everything in their power to make your sales copy as great as it can be, so that it pulls in lots of orders and benefits your business?

Do they not want you to come back to them in the future?!

At Red Hot Sales Letters, we firmly believe in creating mutually beneficial working relationships, and doing everything we can to satisfy our clients.

When we take on your direct response copywriting project, we want your copy to sparkle and shine, convert like crazy and generate oodles of cash for you and your business. Because if that happens, then there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll come back to us again, right?!
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!We can’t say fairer than that can we?!

“I’m Thrilled With Your Results!”

Kenn Palm“Wow!! I have been busy fighting a pretty big fire in my business. I was worried that I hadn't done proper knowledge transfer to communicate what I needed here, but this is truly great stuff. I will get it out to my team and get you feedback from everyone, but I think I have what I need here as a framework. Please put together the alternative headlines and the email creatives. I'm thrilled with your results!”


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