4 ‘Must-Have’ Words For Your Website Or Sales Letter

4 Trigger Words To Use In Your Sales Letters & Website CopyHere at Red Hot Sales Letters, we do more than write rip-roaring, profit-pulling sales copy. We also pen wonderfully crafted, lead-generating website content, too!

So if you’re planning on launching a new site and need some content, then give us a shout.

We’d love to help!

But if not (and you’d rather take on the task yourself), then here are 4 ‘must-have’ trigger words that every website (or sales letter) should have…

Trigger Word #1 – FREE

Yep, it’s probably the most powerful word in the World, and you’ll find it all over the internet. And that’s because it never fails to generate leads, entice readers, and ultimately, increase sales.

It’s the #1 tactic for getting people to hand over their email address, which is absolutely crucial when trying to turn your website visitors into long-term customers.

The fact is, your visitors will rarely purchase from you immediately after seeing your offer, however good it may be. So when they disappear to “have a think about it” you’ve probably lost them forever.

UNLESS you collect their email address, that is!

Once you’ve got that, you can contact them whenever you like, and remind them of just how great your offer is, why it will improve their lives, and why they absolutely cannot live without it!

So make sure you offer something free on your website, which any visitor can pick up by doing nothing more than providing their email address!

A free report, e-book, download, newsletter subscription, 14-day trial, consultation – whatever is most relevant to you and your business.

Just make sure you do it, because I can absolutely guarantee that you’ll make more sales.

Trigger Word #2 – BUY / ORDER NOW

Ok, ‘order now’ is two words, but what the hey. I lied ;)

My point is this: you absolutely MUST have a call to action on your site, whether it’s a standard business website, or a sales letter.

It amazes me how many websites and sales pages I see that fail to include any kind of call to action. You can have the greatest copy in the World, and the most compelling offer, but if there’s no call to action, you can be sure that a lot of your readers will up and leave.

You need to specifically ‘ask’ for that sale, and make it crystal clear what your visitor needs to do.

So firstly, be sure to include a ‘buy now’, or ‘order now’ button on your site, and preferably a few of them.

Secondly (and this relates to specifically to a sales letter), make sure that the button is right next to the product image, to remind the reader exactly what they’re getting, and how valuable it is!

And thirdly, make absolutely 100% sure that your ‘buy now’ or ‘order now’ button visibly stands out on the page, which can be achieved with a strong graphic treatment.

Remember, including a call to action is CRUCIAL.

You need to tell your visitors what they need to do next, because most of the time, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Trigger Word #3 – NOW

Similarly, use of the word ‘now’ can be a very powerful motivator, and prevent you from losing a sale, or a sign-up.

The fact is, if one of your visitors reads all the way through your website content or sales letter, and then makes a mental note to come back later, the chances are… THEY WON’T!

One of the hardest things to achieve online is driving targeted traffic to a website, so when someone lands on your site, you need to do everything you can to close them.

And NOW is a great word for helping you do that, because it encourages them to take action immediately.

And a great way to make sure that happens is to incentivise them.

So rather than just saying “sign-up now”, “buy now” etc, make it clear that if they do so, they’ll receive more than if they take action LATER.

For example…

Sign up now (today) and we’ll send you a free e-book on…

Buy now and receive free shipping (offer ends in 3 hours), etc…

Trigger Word #4 – THANK YOU!

Ok, it’s two words again. (I’ve been terribly misleading with this one haven’t I?!)

But I’ve crow-barred this one in because it’s very important…

You see, when someone buys from you, your work has only just begun. It’s your job now to develop a positive and long-term relationship with that customer, so that they buy from you again, and again, and again.

You won’t make big money by selling one product to one customer.

You make big money by selling multiple products to multiple customers, for months and even years to come.

And the first step along that road is to thank your customer for ordering.

It’s courteous. It’s the right thing to do. They’ll appreciate the sentiment.

And your relationship begins!

So that’s 4 very important trigger words for you, and I’d encourage you to include them in either your website copy or sales letters (whichever is most relevant). If you do, you will generate more leads, sell more products, and put more money in your pocket!

Nick Cobb – Sales Letter Copywriter

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