5 Tips For Keeping Prospects On Your Sales Letters

5 tips for keeping people on your sales lettersRegardless of what you’re trying to sell, driving targeted traffic towards your sales letter is one of the toughest tasks any online marketer faces. So when you do manage to do it, it’s absolutely imperative that you keep them there!

And this isn’t always easy…

After all, the attention span of the average customer is getting shorter and shorter by the day, with more and more sites constantly vying for our attention, and our custom!

So as soon as your page loads up, you need to do whatever it takes to keep your prospect reading (or watching, in the case of a video sales letter), and avoid anything that might potentially put them off, and compel them to leave…

To help you keep as many of your visitors on your site as possible, here are five things to bear in mind when constructing your sales letters

#1 – Think Of A Powerful Headline

The first thing that any visitor will see when they land on your sales letter is the headline, and it’s absolutely vital that you get this right, because you only have a few seconds to grab their attention. As a result, it needs to be intriguing, shocking, funny, mysterious, or controversial. Basically, whatever it takes to keep them reading (without being misleading, of course). And it MUST include your product’s principal benefit, too. Get the headline wrong, and a huge percentage of your visitors will click away from the page immediately, and a huge amount of the time, effort and money you spent driving traffic towards it will be lost.

#2 – Don’t Neglect The Importance Of Design

As a sales letter writer, I believe that good quality, highly persuasive and benefits-driven copy is absolutely crucial to your chances of making sales. But that doesn’t mean you should blow all of your budget on a professional sales letter writer, and neglect the design of the sales page! Indeed, first impressions are crucial in business, and a good-quality, attractive design will present your product (and your business) in a positive light, and give you the professional image you need. Once the prospect has decided that your site is professional looking and credible, they’ll be more likely to remain on your site, and your copy will do the rest!

#3 – Use Bullet Points

If you’ve ever read a long-form sales letter, the chances are you didn’t read the whole thing! Instead, you probably skim-read the copy, and your attention would have been drawn towards things that caught your eye as you went down – like bullet points, for example. And that’s exactly why they’re so important. Bullet points are easy to read, and any information contained within them is a lot easier to take in than paragraphs and paragraphs of text. Consequently, bullet points are the perfect place to list the main benefits of your product, and keep people interested.

#4 – Use Sub-Headers

Like bullet points, sub-headers are great for drawing skim-readers back into your sales copy. Without them, your sales letter would be nothing but long, intimidating passages of unbroken text, which can be very off-putting. Sub-headers not only help to break up the copy and make it more visually appealing, but they’re also great for engaging your readers with questions, such as “So what did he do next?”, So how did I earn £5,000 in just 14 days?”, or “How did I burn off 12 lbs of fat in 2 weeks?”, which will inevitably keep people reading further down the page…

#5 – Proofread For Spelling Mistakes & Typos

Good spelling helps to establish credibility, while conversely, bad spelling is synonymous with phishing websites and spam emails. So if you’re going to succeed in selling anything online, it’s absolutely vital that you get the basics right. Of course, we all spell things wrong from time to time and make mistakes, but there are no excuses for failing to correct those mistakes. Imagine if you landed on a website or sales letter that was littered with spelling mistakes. Would you be impressed? Would you be willing to spend your money with them? Or would you click away, and look elsewhere? I think it would be the latter, right?

So there you go…

There are 5 things to bear in mind when writing your own website material or sales copy. And of course, if you’re not a copywriter yourself, then feel free to contact us here at Red Hot Sales Letters, and we’ll take care of it for you!

Nick Cobb – Direct Response Copywriter

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