A Concentration Tip For Copywriters!

Concentration Tip For Sales Letter CopywritersAs a direct response copywriter, I often find myself with pressing deadlines to meet, and as a result, I frequently end up having to work on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

“Uughh, it’s so unfair”, as Kevin the Teenager used to say!

Now, that’s not so bad when it’s cold and dismal outside, because I know I’m not missing out on anything fun!

But when the sun is streaming through my office window, and I can hear people outside in their gardens enjoying a tasty barbecue, it’s often hard to stay focused on the job at hand.

But there is a solution.

And here it is: rainymood

So the next time that kind of situation arises for you, close the windows, draw the curtains, and visit good ol’ rainymood.com.

I’ll be using it a lot this summer, because it’s a fantastic way of blocking out the outside world, and helping me to forget that other people might be having lots of fun, when I’m not able to!

So if you’re a copywriter too (or any kind of writer for that matter), be sure to check it out.

It’s fab!

Nick Cobb – Sales Letter Writer

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