A Very Simple Way to Boost Conversions!

Exit splash pages: a very simple way to boost conversions If you’re looking for a very simple way to boost conversions and generate bigger profits, then have you considered creating something called an exit splash page?

If not, then let me explain what it is and why you absolutely must have one.

Imagine that a prospect is looking around online and comes across YOUR product.

They land on your sales page and read the copy all the way down.

They’re sold on the product, and very close to clicking on the order button.

But then they hesitate…

They’re not the impulsive type, so they back away and think it over again.

“Can I justify this investment?” they ask themselves. “Is this particular product the best one on the market?” “Are there some other options out there that might offer the same benefits, for less?”

We’ve all been there…

We’ve all been captivated by a sales letter and very close to buying a product, only to pull away at the last moment…

And that’s exactly what’s happened here, to you.

At this point, the prospect (who you’ve likely spent money on attracting to your sales page in the first place) closes the page down or uses the back arrow, and leaves the sales page, never to return again.

You were so close to converting that prospect into a customer, but now they’ve gone, possibly forever.

Now imagine this scenario instead…

That very same customer tries to leave your page, but as they click on the cross or the back arrow, they’re presented with a pop-up box that gives them the option of leaving the page, or seeing a special offer.

If they choose to see the offer (which the majority will) they’ll then be redirected to a new, much shorter sales page that presents them with the following…

If they order today, they’re told, they can try out the product for a full 10, 14, 30 days (whatever) for JUST $1.

And then if they like it (and only then), they’ll pay the remaining amount.

Note: This is where it’s very important that you set the price at $1, rather than give them a FREE trial, because by setting the price at $1, you’ll be able to take the prospect’s credit/debit card details, which will then allow you to process the remaining amount at the end of the trial period. Plus, $1 is practically free anyway, and it will seem like that to the prospect).

So then, how many of those nicely warmed-up, ready-to-buy prospects will take you up on that offer, input their credit card details and pay the $1 to try out the product they were very close to buying at full price anyway?

The answer is A LOT.

And it’s because you’ve removed all the risk.

You see, there are 2 big reasons why people walk away from a purchase at the last minute, and they are:

1) The cost (can I justify spending this? Is there a cheaper option elsewhere?)

2) Doubt (will this product live up to its claims, or am I being scammed?)

And they’re both to do with risk.

The second point is the most important here, because the majority of people have bought a product in the past, only to discover that it hasn’t lived up to its promises, or hasn’t been remotely as advertised!

So they’re naturally sceptical and risk averse.

What the $1 trial offer does is remove all the risk, so there’s no reason not to buy anymore.

Further to that, by offering your product on a $1 trial basis for a certain period of time, you’ve demonstrated complete confidence in your product, and put your money where your mouth is, so to speak!

And that sends a very powerful message to the prospect.

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