How to instantly boost conversions with better bullet point copy

How to instantly boost your conversions with better bullet point copyLet me get straight to the point…

If you’re an online marketer selling products and services online, then it’s safe to say that you already know the value of benefits-driven sales copy.

But my question to you is this…

Are you making the most of your benefits, or are you leaving heaps of moolah on the proverbial table?

You see, as a direct response copywriter who writes, reads and critiques A LOT of sales letters, I see a heck of a lot of bullet copy, and most of what I see sucks, particularly that used on squeeze pages.

And I’m here to help you get it right, which will enable you to sell more product, and ultimately, make more money.

So keep reading…

Now, as you’re no doubt well aware, in order to convince your prospects that your product is the solution to their problem, you need to give them enough reasons to justify their decision to buy.

And the best way of doing this is to give them benefits, right?

We’re talking big, strong, laser-targeted benefits that make it almost impossible for your target market to reject your offer.

So how do you do this?

Well, as marketing legend Frank Kern would say, you need to “stack the cool” each time you state a benefit.

Now, what he means by that is that it’s not enough to simply state a benefit. You need to do more than that, and back that claim up with solid proof; and if you can, further benefits.

To give you an example of what I mean, I just did a quick search under the term “squeeze page” and the following page popped up.

qSqueeze page bullet point copyIt’s a little small and blurry, so I’ve written down the bullet point copy below…

You’ll discover how to instantly…

* Find a red-hot “hungry” market in under a minute!
* Build a money-making website in less than 2 hours… Guaranteed
* Generate real money in less than 24 hours
* Drive 100’s of FREE targeted visitors to your website within hours!
* Easily rank on the first page of Google and Yahoo for your keywords!
* Plus much, much more…

Now, perhaps I could be wrong here, but I’m willing to bet a lot of money that if the owner of this particular squeeze page were to “stack the cool”, he’d get a lot more opt-ins.

Let’s take the second benefit, as an example.

* Build a money-making website in less than 2 hours… Guaranteed

Sure, it’s a good benefit.

But my question is this…

WHY is this so good?

You need to make it crystal clear to your prospect, and you need to hammer home the benefits of each benefit!

As we all know, building a website and getting it live is PAINFUL.

It takes time. It costs money. And in the short-term at least, it prevents you from doing other things within your business that actually MAKE you money.

In short, it’s a complete and utter ball ache.

You see, people don’t want the hassle of building their own site. They want someone else to do it for them.

Because that way, they’re instantly relieved of all the hard work, and we all want an easier life, right?

So instead, we could hammer home those benefits in the bullet copy, with something like this…

* Build a money-making website in less than 2 hours… Guaranteed! (A website can often take days, weeks and even months to build, and even then there’s no guarantee that you’ll start earning from it. Why waste money and time building your own when you can get a high-quality, content-rich website built FOR YOU in less than 2 hours, and start banking profits IMMEDIATELY?)

As you can see, we’ve now sugar-coated that principal benefit with 3 further ‘sub-benefits’ (save money, save time, and start generating an income from that site right away).

And we can do this for each one of the bullet points above, which serve to dramatically increase their pulling power.

For the benefit that reads “Easily rank on the first page of Google and Yahoo for your keywords”, for instance, we could talk about the benefits of being on page 1 of those search engines, which would include greater visibility of your website, and therefore, more clicks, more customers, more sales, and bigger profits, with very little added expenditure.

For some reason, the person who wrote this benefit decided to leave all that out.


Maybe they assumed that people already knew that.

Well that’s a huge mistake.

Never assume anything.

Assumption is the mother of all f**k-ups, as they say.

Make the advantages of your offer crystal clear. Hammer home the benefits. Add benefits within each benefit, and stack the cool.

Make your offer absolutely irresistible, because if you do, I can absolutely guarantee that you’ll achieve more opt-ins, bag more sales, and ultimately, garner much larger profits.

And hey, even if you were to only increase your bottom line by 1-2%, it would still be worth it, right?

Nick Cobb is a direct response copywriter and owner and founder of Write For You Ltd, a copywriting agency based in London.

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