Copywriting Testimonials

Over the years, we’ve worked with a wide range of online and offline businesses, covering a multitude of niches, and our results speak for themselves. Below you’ll find just a small selection of feedback that we’ve received from previous clients.

“The Results Were Way Beyond
Our Expectations”

Rachel and Lola“Nick and Red Hot Sales Letters wrote the sales copy for one of our e-books, called Beauty & The Feast, and the results were way beyond our expectations. Nick put a huge amount of effort into researching our industry and product, and his attention to detail and willingness to achieve the best possible result for us was fantastic to see. He’s now our “go-to” copywriter for all of our product copy!”

Rachel Henderson & Lola Renton -

“Amazing To Work With!”

Jennifer Kirkpatrick "Nick was amazing to work with! He understood right away what I wanted to accomplish with the sales letter and involved me in the process from start to finish. As a result we didn't even need to do any rewrites. Not only did he write a great sales letter, but he also had helpful suggestions on how to present it to prospects to increase our signup rate. Overall I am very satisfied and would highly recommend Nick to anyone looking for a talented copywriter."

Jennifer Kirkpatrick

“We Received Our Largest
Single Order In 4 Years!”

John Edwards“Nick did a great job with the new copy for our existing website. In fact, within 10 days of it being in place we received our largest single online order in four years!”

John Edwards

"You Rock Nick!"

Brian G. Johnson“You rock Nick! I appreciate your help and dedication. I really like your work and it was evident from the requests for info that you wanted to get every last detail to do a good job. I would like to work with you again in the future for sure if you are open to that. Best, Brian.”

Brian G. Johnson

“I’m Thrilled With Your Results!”

Kenn Palm“Wow!! I have been busy fighting a pretty big fire in my business. I was worried that I hadn't done proper knowledge transfer to communicate what I needed here, but this is truly great stuff. I will get it out to my team and get you feedback from everyone, but I think I have what I need here as a framework. Please put together the alternative headlines and the email creatives. I'm thrilled with your results!”


“A Top Company & Very Easy To Work With”

Kasper V. Christensen"I hired Red Hot Sales Letters to write my two sales letters in the fitness niche: one for training and one for nutrition. From the material I sent to them they wrote two initial drafts that were almost spot on.

I was highly impressed with their ability to analyze my approach to fitness and write the sales copy to match this. I have found them to be a top company and very easy to work with. If you want quality copy I highly recommend them to do the job.”

Kasper V.

"I´m Already Recommending Nick
To My Own Clients…"

Simon Coulson"Over the last few months I've asked Nick to write the sales copy for three very big, and very important projects, and each time I've been hugely impressed with the results.

Even with just a basic brief he's gone away and produced exactly what I wanted each and every time, and I haven't needed to make any changes to the copy whatsoever - which certainly hasn't been the case with previous copywriters!

The copy he delivers is always first-rate, error-free and bang on time, and I'm already recommending Nick's services to my own clients."

Simon Coulson -

“A Great Person To Have On Board…”

Malcolm Simmonds “Nick wrote a WSO (warrior forum special offer) sales page for me which converted really well right out of the blocks. I was very grateful for this as I had no time to test it. Nick is a very good copywriter. He is very amenable to your suggestions, and an extremely easy person to deal with. He is brilliant with deadlines and just - well, a great person to have on board. Solid, reliable. In my product launch (my first) I had strong team members: and not so strong. Nick was one of the strong ones: super reliable, efficient and effective, and I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

Malcolm Simmonds -

"One Of The Greatest Copywriters
Out There!"

Jo Han Mok"As an online marketer, there are only a couple of people I can count on to write my copy, and Nick Cobb is on top of that list. Nick is a marketing rock star, an absolute maestro with words, and without doubt, one of the greatest copywriters out there.

Most importantly, his copy delivers solid results. He is gracious, timely, accountable and responsibly does what he says he will - all hallmarks of a true professional.

Nick always goes the extra mile, especially with formatting and graphics, and is a serious cash producing asset to anyone fortunate enough to hire him. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that if you're reading this, you've got to be a complete idiot not to hire him now!"

Jo Han Mok -

“It Was A No Brainer To Let Nick Do
The Sales Videos”

Kasper V. Christensen"I rehired Nick to write the copy for the two sales videos to go with the sales letters he wrote for me. As he had already done a phenomenal job on the written copy it was a no-brainer to let him do the sales videos also. I’m highly satisfied with the outcome and I wouldn’t hesitate to let Nick do my next project.”

Kasper V.

“We Love Your Style!”

Belinda Grashion"Hi Nick! I have already sent it over to a few friends and we absolutely love your style! One of the ladies is going to come to you for her marketing too. Thanks so much.”

Belinda Grashion -

"A Clear Professional Who Delivers…"

Alex Goad & Bryan McConnahea"We hired Nick to write copy for our Warrior Forum special offer, which became Since we don't often outsource our copy it was an especially pleasant surprise when armed with just a fairly simple project brief and a couple of interactions, he came back with exactly what we had in mind, delivering the exact tone and style we'd requested.

There were a few edits to be made which we communicated to Nick. He understood quickly and delivered the required changes within a day. When it comes to Nick's copy skills, you can rest assured that he can write some top notch copy – whatever the topic may be. Overall I would recommend Nick to anyone who wants to work with a clear professional who delivers. If you need copy and don't want to waste your time with suspect at best copywriters - go with Nick."

Alex Goad & Bryan McConnahea -

"I Can't Recommend Nick Highly Enough…"

Adil Amarsi"Nick is one of those rare copywriters that just works through anything. When you hire him and tell him ´I need this done by next week´, you can be damn sure he's going to get it done, and it will be a polished gem.

I can't recommend Nick highly enough. Even though I'm a copywriter myself, I still go to Nick for advice and guidance on how to approach writing a new sales piece. If you want good, reliable copy with proven conversions, Nick is your man."

Adil Amarsi -