Effective Sales Copywriting Without The Hard Sell

Effective Sales Copywriting Without The Hard SellIn today’s world, commercialism is king, and it’s getting pretty annoying!

Think about it…

If you were to venture into town today, I bet you couldn’t walk two yards without seeing some kind of advertisement staring back at you.

Am I right?

And you’re not safe at home either…

As soon as you turn on the TV, you’re bombarded by an endless stream of adverts for products and services that you don’t particularly need or want.

And it’s the same when you switch on your laptop or PC too. Everywhere you go, and whatever you do these days, there will somebody trying to sell you something!

And this constant barrage of daily sales messages has had a profound effect on the way we now react to it.

In short, we’ve had enough. We don’t want to be “sold to” anymore.

And if you’re selling anything online, you need to understand this, or at least your sales letter copywriter does!

Because everyone else has cottoned on, and they’re making changes, fast.

You see, online marketing copy has become a lot more sophisticated in recent years, and a lot less direct.

To use a thinly disguised analogy, where old-school “caveman” copy would attempt to close the deal by hitting the prospect over the head with a club and drag them into the bedroom, today’s copy attempts to woo the prospect by targeting their emotional trigger points and tapping into their innermost wants and desires.

In essence, today’s most effective sales copywriting is built around making THEM want YOU!

And here are 3 ways in which to do it…

Tap Into Their Emotions

The most effective way of selling your product or service, WITHOUT overtly “selling” it to them, is to construct sales copy that taps into the reader’s emotional trigger points. The truth is, most people’s buying decisions are based on emotions, rather than logic, so if you can appeal to those, you’re golden!

So whatever product or service you’re trying to sell, always think about the emotions that drove your customer towards your page in the first place.

Create Rapport

If anyone’s going to buy from you, they need to trust you, and they need to know that YOU understand exactly what they’ve been going through. The customer needs to know that you were once exactly like them, but thanks to your product/service, you’ve now found the solution – and so can they.

Of course, don’t lie, because if you do, you WILL get find out, and this will damage your credibility irreparably. However, if you have a relevant back-story that’s true; don’t be afraid to use it.

For example, if you’re selling a product all about how to get pregnant and boost your fertility, and you used the techniques outlined in the book yourself to finally conceive, then tell your story. This will help to build a huge amount of trust and rapport, and will inevitably increase conversions.

Build Value

Instead of simply telling the prospect that your product costs $47, and what a great deal it is, your copy needs to be constructed in such a way that by the time the prospect reaches the price, they’re prepared to pay much, much more.

In short, the price that you’re charging should come across as an absolute bargain of epic proportions, and the best way of doing this is to constantly build value throughout the sales letter.

One way of doing this is to split your product package up into parts, or components, and then attach a value to each one. And of course, the overall value should far exceed the price of the product.

Use Testimonials

It’s all well and good YOU saying how fabulous your product is, but how much weight does that really carry in the eyes of your prospect? I mean, it’s your product after all, and you’re the one who’s going to profit when they buy it. So you’re bound to be a little but biased, right?!

As a result, using testimonials in your sales copy is absolutely crucial. If the prospect can see that other people have used your product or service, and are prepared to vouch for it, it will carry a heck of a lot more weight than your word alone.

So as you can see, selling anything these days is about connecting with the prospect, appealing to their innermost wants, needs and desires, addressing their problems, and then offering a solution – rather than shoving that solution in their face and screaming it “BUY IT NOW!”

So whether you hire a professional direct response copywriter, or you construct the sales copy yourself, be sure to utilise the four techniques revealed here, because if you do, you’ll stand a far better chance of wooing your visitors, and turning more of them into customers.

Nick Cobb – Direct Response Copywriter

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