How to write great sales letter headlines…

How to write great sales letter headlinesAs a direct response copywriter myself, I read A LOT of sales copy, and as a result, a great many headlines. And there are two things that the great sales letter headlines always have in common…

1. Clarity
2. Benefits

If your headline doesn’t feature these two components, then you’re sunk.

And I say this because I’ve noticed lately that many newbie marketers are forgetting to follow this simple rule.

Naturally, a lot of new kids on the block are keen to set themselves apart from the IM crowd and carve out a unique identity and style for themselves, so they’ll try to come up with a cool, clever, or even worse, abstract headline.

But this is rarely the best way to go, because in the majority of cases, it will appeal to nobody but themselves (and their own ego).

Sure, their family and friends may love the fact that it’s cute, witty, clever, quirky, or whatever, but if it doesn’t get to the point fast and reveal the major benefit for the reader, then a large proportion of prospects will simply turn around and leave.

So whatever you do, DON’T make that same mistake.

You need to give your reader a very good reason for reading on.

You need to appeal to their wants and needs.

And you need to make the headline crystal clear, so that they understand immediately what you’re offering them, and why they should continue reading

Copywriting legend and famed headline writer John Caples once said this:

“Avoid the ‘hard-to-grasp’ headline – the headline that requires thought and is not clear at first glance.”

And of course, he’s spot on.

Because if your readers can’t figure out what it is that you’re offering them at first glance, then they’ll be more likely to up and leave.

To give you an example of a headline that’s clear AND contains the major benefits of the product, take a look at the following headline that I wrote for a Forex trading product.

great sales letter headlines

As you can see, this sales letter headline contains the major benefits of the product, while it’s also clear what the reader can expect to get if they continue reading…

Now, if you imagine that you’re a Forex trader struggling to earn any decent money, or you’re simply looking to start trading online but don’t know how to get started, then you know right away that what I’m offering here is a KILLER STRATEGY used by an experienced City trader to make LOTS of money from Forex.

And not only that, but the discovery of this strategy by the man in question “led to a life-changing transformation” in his trading career.

That’s a pretty big benefit, right?!

What’s more, the headline also reveals that the man who discovered this strategy was previously an “Average Joe Forex Failure”, which implies that anyone can do this.

You don’t need to have lots of experience or success, which will certainly appeal to this particular target market (as the chances are they won’t have had a great deal of success up to this point).

And thirdly, the headline states categorically that the reader can do this too.

So in short, there’s absolutely no doubt here what this headline is offering!

So when you come to write your next headline, forget about being clever, witty or abstract.

Just tell it straight.

Include the major benefits, and focus on clarity.

Do this, and you won’t go far wrong.

Nick Cobb – Sales Letter Copywriter

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One Response to How to write great sales letter headlines…

  1. Ian says:

    Here are a few headline ideas i like;

    Give me (e.g very short period of time – something easy) and I'll (give them something that sounds surprising and unexpected for the small thing they can you)
    Who else wants (desire or goal)
    Get Rid of (problem) once and for all

    Just a few tips if you get stuck!

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