Why Your Business NEEDS A Web Presence

Why Your Business Needs A Web PresenceA couple of nights ago, I met up for a cool, sharp Harp with an old friend of mine, Rob, and during the course of the evening the conversation turned towards business.

Rob (who now works for an architectural design company) asked me what I did for a living, whereupon I explained that I was a freelance copywriter, and that this principally involved writing sales letters, video scripts and website content for online businesses.

It was at this point that he revealed that his company didn’t actually have a website, something that he was continually surprised and frustrated by himself!

Apparently, Rob’s boss was in his late 60s, and had stubbornly refused to embrace the online world, despite the fact that the company was desperately struggling to attract new business and were laying off staff left, right and centre as a result. (Rob himself had been reduced to a 3-day week).

However, whenever his boss’ younger employees suggested the idea as a means of drumming up new business, he always cited the same reasons for not doing so, like “our client base doesn’t use the internet” (WRONG!), “creating a website will be far too costly” (WRONG!), and perhaps more prosaically, “I just don’t get all that internet nonsense”.

And surprisingly, Rob’s company isn’t alone…

In fact, there are thousands of small businesses out there just like his, which are operating with no online presence at all.

And it’s crazy!

And the main reason for this is that like the architectural design company that Rob works for, these businesses are often run by people in their 60s and 70s, who have managed to succeed up to this point WITHOUT the need for a fancy little website, and have forged a client base WITHOUT any help from Google.

And consequently, they don’t see any reason why they should change now!

But the fact is, the way that companies market themselves and secure business has changed dramatically in the last 10 years or so, thanks to the internet.

And any business that fails to adapt will be missing out on a bigger and bigger proportion of their target market.

And there’s one very simple reason for that, and it’s this…

While that particular business may not be using the internet, their potential customers certainly will be!

You see, the number of people who are using search engines to find products and services is increasing by the day. Indeed, in 2013, the actual figure was reported to be around the 90% mark, while Google alone generates more than 3 BILLION searches each and every day!

So to put it simply, if your business isn’t marketing itself online, then you won’t be around for much longer.

And that’s an absolute guarantee.

And to hammer this point home, here are 5 reasons why YOUR business should be embracing the online revolution…

#1 – You’ll benefit from increased visibility

To put it simply, a huge proportion of your customer base will be searching for your products and services online. As a result, a website will give you much greater visibility. Instead of a potential customer finding one of your competitor’s websites and calling them, they’ll be calling you instead, enabling you to generate more business. What’s more, there are numerous completely free ways of promoting your site online, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, articles, forums and press releases, amongst others, which will increase your online visibility even further. So before you can say “why the heck didn’t I do this sooner?!” you’ll be benefiting from greater brand recognition, more business, and bigger profits.

#2 – A website doesn’t need to be costly

One reason why many business owners shy away from developing an online presence is the perceived cost. But the truth is, a website really doesn’t need to be an expensive investment at all. There are so many web designers and developers out there these days, and consequently, prices have fallen quite dramatically in recent years. In fact, you can easily create your very own WordPress site (with a built-in content management system) for just a few hundred pounds. And that initial investment will be pulling in new customers and thousands and thousands of pounds for many years to come.

#3 – You can very quickly rank your website at the top of the search engines

Of course, some of your potential keywords will be a lot more competitive (and therefore more difficult to rank for) than others. But depending on the nature of your business, you may be surprised at just how easy it actually is to rank your keywords on page 1 of Google (and the other major search engines, too)! Indeed, many of my clients have gone from having no website at all, to ranking on page 1 of Google in less than a month, which has generated huge amounts of new business for them, and a massive increase in profits.

#4 – Your business can benefit from a global marketplace

In the past, traditional businesses were only able to sell their products and services to local customers, but Tim Berners Lee’s invention completely revolutionized the scope and reach of every business across the globe! With a handy little website at your disposal, you can now (theoretically) generate business from anywhere in the world, enabling you to dramatically increase your profits year on year.

#5 – Your website will act as your very own salesman, 24/7

Traditional businesses are often limited by traditional hours (you’re only able to generate business when the office is open). A website, on the other hand, can be accessed at any time of the day or night, allowing you to communicate your message and sell your products and services 24/7. All you need to do is make sure that your website content is compelling and captivating enough to achieve exactly that. And that’s where a professional sales copywriter comes in!

So if you’re a business owner, and you’ve been somewhat reluctant to market your products and services online, then I hope that this post has given you enough encouragement to do so!

And of course, if you need any help writing the sales letter or website copy for your new site, give us a shout.

We’d be only too happy to help!

Nick Cobb – Direct Response Copywriter

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